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Congratulations on your excellent scores in the Matric exam. I pray and look forward to your admission in our college.I am proud to say that Faisalabad Paramedical College (Govt College Of Paramedics) is a student centered college.


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The Health sector makes use of different type of human resources for its operation. In the 70,s there was a sudden increase of doctors as a result of a major policy decision (establishment of new medical colleges). In the 80,s it was realized that training of paramedics and nurses also needs to be planned scientifically. This was considered essential in order to provide an economically sustainable and technically feasible staff-mix in the health sector.
To address these issues ADB (Asian Development Bank) provided financial assistance under the first health project. Five paramedical schools were established in the province with an objective to institutionalize the training of paramedics. The ADB financed a technical study during 1990. This was aimed at preparation of detailed situational analysis of human resource development. As a result of this Government of the Punjab prepared and implemented the HCDP (Health Care Development Project) in Punjab. The HCDP was a major project that has been under taken by the health department Government of Punjab with the assistance of the ADB. As a part of this project the manpower- training component has been implemented. In this a number of training facilities are being established or have been up graded. There, however, remains a gap for the provision of education and training to paramedics at the post-graduate level. This is further augmented by the fact that the health care system is expanding rapidly. Advanced technologies are being introduced and the emphasis is being shifted to quality of services. Under these circumstances Government College of Paramedics, Faisalabad was established.

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